Therapy In Culver City

Therapy In Culver City

TMS Therapy In Culver City

Patients who suffer from depression and anxiety can now get TMS therapy in Culver City through A Better Way Psychiatry and TMS Clinics. TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is a non-invasive mental health therapy. TMS therapy stimulates the brain and oftentimes relieves symptoms of cognitive conditions such as depression, anxiety, and more. 

Culver City houses locations for major film production studios such as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Within the Los Angeles area, Culver City is a sought-after area that sits in between the downtown LA district and the popular recreational areas of Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. The city is also the major headquarters of major companies like Sweetgreen, Beats Audio, and National Public Radio (NPR). 

Our Culver City location is located just off of Venice Boulevard, which is conveniently located near community hubs like the Culver City Park, Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, and the wonderful neighborhood of Washington Culver. The area also offers great shopping at Platform and Westfield Culver City. If you or a loved one in the Culver City area needs mental health care, know that we offer services in a centrally located area that can be easily accessible to many members of the community. 

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More About Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS therapy is a great option for patients who are seeking treatment for mental illnesses who do not want to go the route of prescription medications. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a drug-free therapy that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate the brain and improve its function. Many patients who did not see success in traditional prescription medication treatments prefer TMS therapy because of the minimal side effects and non-invasive approach to mental health care. 

We treat five conditions here at A Better Way, including major depressive disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and ADHD. If you or a loved one has one of these conditions, please come in for a free consultation appointment so that we can answer your questions as well as create a custom plan of care for you. 

Insurance Coverage For TMS

We offer mental health services to residents of the Los Angeles area and all over Southern California. As a major provider of TMS, we hope to make the service more affordable and accessible to our community. We do accept insurance plans for TMS therapy, and we can help you fully understand your coverage and plan when you come in for your initial appointment. 

Please know that when you come to our clinics, we are here to help. A Better Way clinics are a safe space that we hope you see as a supportive environment. If you or a loved one is suffering from persistent mental illness, please reach out to us and we can discuss our treatment options with you. 

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