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Therapy In Los Alamitos

For individuals in the Southern California region, getting access to life-changing mental health therapies has never been easier. We offer TMS therapy in Los Alamitos, as well as many other locations throughout Orange County and the general Los Angeles area. Los Alamitos has been a major city within Orange County  and is easily accessible via the 405 and 605 freeways. Los Alamitos borders the neighboring cities of Long Beach, Cypress, Seal Beach and Garden Grove. In the Los Alamitos area, residents and visitors can find attractions like the St. Isidore Historical Plaza, Los Alamitos Race Course, and much more.

In Los Alamitos, you can find our clinic nestled right next to Laurel Park and Little Cottonwood Park. For reference, we are also just blocks away from both the Los Alamitos Medical Center and the Navy Golf Course. Your journey at our Los Alamitos clinic begins with an initial consultation appointment, which is free to all new patients

Begin Your TMS Journey

How Does TMS Therapy Work?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is used without any prescription drugs, anesthesia, or surgery. The therapy is completely non-invasive, using magnetic pulses to reach areas of the brain that control mood and produce important chemicals. By stimulating these areas, chemical balances in the brain can be restored and brain activity in certain areas can be improved. 

During your TMS therapy sessions, you will need to sit awake in our office while the magnetic stimulation is being administered. The process should be painless and generally quick, with sessions averaging less than an hour typically.  After the therapy is over, you may return to your typical day and operate a vehicle.

TMS treatment is commonly used for patients who are considered “treatment-resistant,” meaning that they don’t respond to traditional anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, or depression treatments. TMS may also be a good fit for patients who wish to avoid the harsh side effects that typical medications for depression, anxiety, and other conditions often come with.

tms therapy machine in los alamitos
TMS Therapy In Los Alamitos

Understanding Insurance

Certain TMS therapy services may be covered by your health insurance. It is our goal to help you understand all insurance and payment information before any treatment is administered. We can discuss all payment and insurance options when you visit us for a free consultation appointment. After that, we will take care of all insurance paperwork, making the process that much easier on you. 

We also understand that seeking help for mental health conditions can be difficult. Please know that it is a priority of ours to offer TMS therapy in an accessible, stress-free manner. We hope to support you throughout your experience with A Better Way. 

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