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TMS Therapy In Pasadena, CA

Mental health resources that can be customized to your specific needs are hard to come by. That is why we now offer TMS therapy in Pasadena as part of our mission to expand access to drug-free mental health therapies within California. If you are unsure what TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is and need more information, please feel free to visit our informational web page or come in to speak with a healthcare professional at a free consultation appointment. 

Pasadena is a bustling city with plenty to offer. Right in our neighborhood you can easily access Old Pasadena, Memorial Park, Central Park, and The Paseo, all by foot. If you are traveling the city by car or bus, you’ll find that we are also fairly close to major attractions like the Rose Bowl Stadium, Rose Garden Plaza, Eaton Canyon Falls, and much more. 

Our clinic in Pasadena is conveniently located near major streets like Colorado Blvd (the route of the Rose Parade happens on this historic boulevard), Union Street, Interstate 270, and many more. We treat patients from Pasadena and beyond, making our clinic a good choice for residents of neighboring cities like Glendale, East San Gabriel, Rosemead, or any other nearby area. 

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Understanding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation 

Many patients who visit us are new to TMS, which is why we make it our goal to be as transparent as possible about the process. The first step towards getting TMS therapy is to visit us for your free consultation appointment. All new patients get a free consultation, during which they can ask questions about the TMS process as well as speak with one of our mental health specialists who can create a custom treatment plan. 

The best thing about transcranial magnetic stimulation is that it helps relieve symptoms of mental health conditions without prescription drugs. Additionally, the process is completely non-surgical (meaning non-invasive) so there is no anesthesia or intense side effects after the treatment is administered. After a session, you can go about your day like usual, making it a more holistic treatment and overall giving you the freedom to live without harsh side effects. 

When you come to our clinic for care, we will ensure that you understand the costs and your insurance coverage before administering any treatment. We take care of all of the insurance paperwork, leaving you to focus on healing, rather than stressing. Here at A Better Way, we aim to be a support system to all of our patients. We know that this is a stressful time, but rest assured that when you visit us, you are taking steps in the direction of recovery. 

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TMS Therapy In Pasadena
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